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'Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.' - Pablo Picasso

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Family company

Alveto was founded in 1986. For more than three decades, we have been dedicated to work and creation with love, and as a result of dedication and aspirations to high standards, Alveto Standard has been created.

Tradition and experience

Alveto is a team of employees with years of experience and young, energetic people working together to move borders and set new standards in this industry.

Awards and recognitions

Experience and technology have enabled us to provide quality products that are 80% hand-made. The result is numerous national and international awards and design awards and top quality.


Our products are manufactured in CAD-CAM technology on CNC machines. After the product is poured, objects in the artificial hands of the artist get their final glow and strength.

Unique products

The exception is unique pieces that, according to special orders, are entirely hand-made. Visit us and discover the new dimension of artistically poured products in techno fashion.

Help at every step

With or without an idea, we are here to help you in everything from conceptual solution to final product as well as to helping you choose the best package for your product.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your questions. Our staff will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry or question 

+38111 6760 545


Severni Bulevar 6, Belgrade

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